Our fans would love to find out about your business! Look at the information below and show your support for the Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival. 

We are always looking for individuals and/or organizations to Sponsor Jenny Brook. If you are interested, please send us an email at

Ad Sizes & Pricing

Location & SizeSpecificationsBlack & WhiteColor
Inside Front Cover5 ¾” W x 8 ¾” H$450.00$500.00
Inside Back Cover5 ¾” W x 8 ¾” H$450.00$500.00
Back Cover5 ¾” W8 ¾” H$500.00$550.00
Inside - Full Page 5” W x 7 ¾” H$150.00$200.00
Inside - Half Page5” W x 3 ¾” H$85.00$135.00
Inside - Quarter Page2 ⅜” W x 3 ¾” H$60.00$110.00
Black & White Option
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Color Option
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Acceptable Formats:

  • Prefer images that are the exact size.
  • TIFF files or JPG at 300 dpi.
  • Printed line art: Clean, correctly sized, scannable black and white line art. Output must be on a 600 dpi laser printer (or better).


  • Mail to: Jenny Brook Bluegrass, P.O. Box 10, Westminster Station, VT  05159.

Deadline:  Submit artwork before May 1, 2020

DISCLAIMER:  The Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival is not responsible for typographical, spelling & grammatical errors or mistakes in the layout or print quality in the artwork submitted by advertisers.