Fires are not permitted due to the antique buildings throughout the festival grounds.  You can use camp stoves or hibachi-style grills for cooking.

Will be available for purchase at the Sugar House.

RV “Pump Outs” are available from our portable toilet company for a fee.   Check the program book for his scheduled days so you can flag down the driver as he makes his rounds.  In emergencies, you can call him and for an extra fee, he will come to the festival for you.

Please dispose of your trash in the appropriate cans around the grounds.  You may place cans in our RECYCLING bins located in the vendor area.

Gray water and other direct discharges on the ground from camping vehicles and trailers are
not permitted. Holding tanks or other appropriate containers must be emptied at the dump station or other suitable facility.

The dump station can be seen on the map in your program book on Sunday.  You are required to pre-pay for your dump pass ($15).  If you didn’t get it at the gate when you arrived you can purchase one from the Jenny Brook Gift Shop.